Topic outline

  • MA181: Discrete Mathematics

    Photograph of Chris SakerMA181: Introduction to Sets

    Hi, I'm Chris Saker. Welcome to the module. When you have completed a task, e.g. watched a video, read the lecture notes, or finished a problem set, tick the box next to the item to record your progress. Doing so will also release the next item in this week's learning pathway.

    This week in MA181, we will be starting to look at sets, operations on sets and the laws of set algebra. Firstly, you need to set aside a couple of hours and work through the videos and lecture notes below. Ideally, you should watch the videos and read the notes in the order given. Do make sure you take the time to read the notes in addition to watching the videos; you need to do both to make sure you have covered the materials in detail.

    "The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics"

    - Paul Halmos

    Photograph of Alexei Vernitski

    Hi, I'm Alexei Vernitski, I also teach on this module, along with Georgios Amanatidis.


    • The Q&A sessions will take place via Zoom. Make sure you turn up on time!