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    University of Essex Wellbeing Worksheets

    This website contains a range of self-help materials which can support you to overcome feelings of depression or anxiety. These materials have been created by trained mental health professionals within the University of Essex teaching team, and are designed to be used in conjunction with support from a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (more details on how to access this support is below). 

    It is natural for all of us to feel low or anxious at some point in our lives. Often these feelings will be short lived and soon disappear on their own. However if you notice that the low mood, anxiety, or stress is not going away then it may be a good idea to seek support from a trained professional. You can speak to your GP or visit www.nhs.uk to find your local psychological therapies service. If you need urgent support, or there is a risk of harm to yourself or anyone else, you should call 999.

    • How I'm Feeling

      Changes in our mood can affect how we feel physically, what we do, and what we think. These three areas are also linked, which means that a change in one can cause changes in the other two.

    • Behavioural Activation for Depression

      When we are depressed we tend to want to do less. This may be because we feel tired or lack motivation, or maybe because we want to avoid being around other people. The problem is that through doing less we lose our routine, spend more time on our own, and do less of the things we used to enjoy. All of these factors can lead us to feel even worse. 

      Behavioural Activation is an evidence-based treatment for depression which works by supporting you to gradually increase the amount you are doing, focusing on re-establishing routines and promoting pleasurable activities. 

    • Thought Challenging for Depression

    • Exposure for Phobias

      • Worry Management

        • Panic Management