Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM)

Please note that there are slightly different rules around Integrated Census Microdata (I-CeM), and the application form is somewhat different.

I-CeM data are made available under safeguarded data conditions due to their commercial sensitivity. Data cannot be used for true linking of individual census records across census years for commercial genealogy purposes nor for any other commercial purposes.

The Special Licence requires the completion of an I-CeM Special Licence application form, which includes extra elements to ensure that commercial sensitivity is protected.  The researcher must: 

  • have the form countersigned by a representative of their organisation
  • provide more information the purpose, aims, and justification for the use of the data

  • gain the explicit permission of the data owners to release the data to the them

I-CeM Special Licence applications are screened by the UK Data Archive and the data owners, which means the process takes a little longer than for EUL data. Data are only released to those researchers requiring data who can satisfactorily justify their need for these data.

Researchers should note that copies of all publications produced using I-CeM data must be sent to the data depositors at least 30 working days prior to the proposed publication date to enable the data depositor to consider it and comment as regards compliance with the licence conditions.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 12 January 2021, 11:55 AM