Data destruction

As noted earlier, all safeguarded data should be destroyed at the completion of the project: 

  • data must be deleted from the system on which it has been stored using a secure erasure programme, such as Eraser ( or similar, which repeatedly overwrites files a number of times, until such time as the original data could not be retrieved forensically
  • the recycle/trash bin must be emptied, preferably to be immediately followed by running a secure erasure programme.  Portable media holding any data must be destroyed and disposed of in a secure manner.  Backup tapes must either be completely overwritten and degaussed (demagnetised) before being reused or disposed of
  • paper copies must be destroyed by shredding, preferably using a cross-cut shredder
  • before the PC, laptop or other device used for data storage leaves the possession of the organisation or individual (for destruction or second hand sale, etc.), the hard disk must be completely erased using a secure erasure programme
  • destruction of Special Licence data must be confirmed to the Archive by the user. A Data Destruction form will be sent to the researcher one month before the project expires

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