A note on passwords and pass-phrases

Pass-phrases are usually much longer than passwords - up to 100 characters or more - and contain spaces. The greater length and format of pass-phrases makes them far more secure. A password must contain a combination of at least eight alphanumeric and symbolic characters. Quotes must not be used as pass-phrase characters.

Passwords and pass-phrases must:

· not be disclosed to anyone else, including Service staff (only ever provide your project number)

· not be written down

· be changed at least every three months

· not be easily guessable.

The Service will provide users with personal logins to access the Secure Lab. When users login for the first time they will be prompted to change their password to something memorable that only they will know. This will need to be changed every three months.

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Last modified: Tuesday, 12 January 2021, 10:53 AM