Data storage and security: End User Licence (EUL) data

All data provided by the UK Data Archive must be stored and used under conditions that meet those stated in the End User Licence - e.g. not attempting to identify, individuals, households or organisations in the data, using the data citation, and providing the service with the bibliographic details of any published work based on these data - and those listed below:


  • access to PCs on which research data supplied by the Service are held must have suitable personal authentication (i.e. protected by a username and password)
  • if data are placed in a shared location, access must only be available via personal authentication, to those permitted to use the data


  • means of access to the data (e.g. passwords or passphrases) must be kept secure
  • data on portable media (e.g. a back-up on CD or a USB memory stick) must be encrypted using a secure password/passphrase

Data deletion

  • data must be deleted upon project completion. Not deleting data or going on to use it for a different project constitutes a breach of the licence.

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Last modified: Monday, 11 January 2021, 4:26 PM