Welcome to the Safe Data Handling course!

This course focuses specifically on good practice when handling data. It is highly recommended reading for users of Secure Access (AKA 'controlled') data but should also be of interest to researchers using Special Licence data, or anyone else. Please note that we often use the broad term Safeguarded’ to describe data which is made available under the End User Licence or Special Licence conditions, and Controlled’ to describe data which is defined as personal under the Data Protection Act (2018) or the General Data Protection Regulation and is made available through secure environments. Where ‘the Archive’ is referred to, we mean the UK Data Archive, and where ‘the Service’ is referred to, we mean the UK Data Service; but the information is likely to be applicable to any UK data provider.

There is a quiz to complete at the end, so please do pay close attention to the course material!

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