Preparation Programmes

A series of FREE short courses to help you prepare for life as a student.

Supported by the Uni Connect partnership Make Happen, academic staff at the University of Essex have created this short six-module course for students in years 10/11 to help develop some important study skills to support your current studies as well as your transition from school after year 11. We're also pleased to offer a similar course for older students in years 12/13 online here.

This course is for postgraduate masters applicants about to begin studying at Essex. It is a short course which aims to prepare you for postgraduate study at university. It includes study and research skills for learning at masters level, and outlines the values and practices which underpin academic life at Essex.

Welcome to the University Preparation Programme, an online short course made up of six modules for students in years 12/13. Exploring a range of both study skills and higher education modules, the programme is designed to support you in your current learning, as well as helping you to make a successful application and transition to university. This course is for those considering undergraduate study at university as the next stage of their learning. We're also pleased to offer a similar course for younger students in years 10/11 online here.